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We’re a family of four living and serving the people of Guatemala driven by the love that Jesus Christ has shown us. In May of 2014, we moved from middle Tennessee, the land of sweet tea and honky tonk music to a land with volcanos on the horizon and an eternal season of spring. How did we get here you ask? The Lord began working on our hearts in June 2013 after visiting and meeting the great people of Guatemala on a short-term mission trip where we worked building houses and working on a dental team. It was through this short-term trip that we fell in love with the warm, humorous, and hard-working people of Guatemala.

The great adventure

One could say it’s been an eye-opening adventure but it also has been an exciting adventure. We’ve experienced many ups and downs from a blown engine in our only vehicle to seeing friends baptized and on fire for God. We’ve said goodbye to little ones as they have left orphanages after being adopted or going to live with extended family. We’ve said good-bye to friends as the Lord calls them to other parts of the world. We’ve seen God show up in quiet times like journaling or in amazing ways when there was no other way. Stephen Curtis Chapman has a song that describes the journey as the “Great Adventure”. This journey we’re on is proving to be a Great Adventure!

What we are doing

While in the States, Amanda had a desire and heart for working with women. She ran several successful direct sales business where she was able to pour into women. Through this avenue she discovered her heart for women. With that knowledge, Amanda has been working with a women’s shelter called El Refugio (The Refuge) for women escaping abuse and trafficking, giving them a place to live for themselves and their children. At the shelter, the women are welcomed to heal through Bible teaching/meditation, professional counseling and medical services and general care of a warm bed and hot meals. These services are also offered to their children as well as their education.

We are also working with young Guatemalans teens as they look to transition from living in orphanages to moving out on their own. Rob has spent thirteen years working in the IT industry while in the States. He is using the experience and knowledge from these years to train these Guatemalan young adults with computer skills to join the global IT industry while focusing on the discipleship and mentoring them in their faith.

Connect with us

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